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(Quelle: Christof Graf`s Bücher über Leonard Cohen - ,,Partisan der Liebe" (1996) und ,,Titan der Worte" (2010)


BECK, Roscoe

Musical Director, Bass, background Vocals

Musikalischer Direktor und Basist bei Leonard Cohens World Tour 2008-2010. Cohen arbeitet mit Beck bereits seit 1979 zusammen.

Musician/Producer Roscoe Beck has had a long association with Leonard Cohen beginning with his work on the Recent Songs album in 1979 and continuing on the 1979/1980 tours. In 1986 Roscoe and Jennifer Warnes co-produced their highly acclaimed collection of Leonard Cohen songs: Famous Blue Raincoat. Soon came another collaboration with Leonard on the I'm Your Man CD, and a stint as musical director, assembling the band for Leonard's 1988 I'm Your Man tour. Roscoe has recorded, produced and toured with many others; artists as diverse as Eric Johnson, Robben Ford and the Dixie Chicks (onstage for the infamous 2003 tour that produced the film Shut Up and Sing.) Recently released, Walk On (AusTone Records) is Roscoe's first recording as a solo artist. Fender Musical Instruments has honored Roscoe with the release of two Roscoe Beck signature basses.

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