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Diamonds In The Mine (vom Album: Songs Of Love And Hate)

The woman in blue,

She's asking for revenge,

the man in white - that's you -

Says he has no friends.

The river is swollen up

with rusty cans

and the trees are burning

in your promised land.

And there are no letters in the mailbox,

and there are no grapes upon the vine,

and there are no chocolates in the boxes anymore,

and there are no diamonds in the mine.

Well, you tell me that your lover

has a broken limb,

you say you're kind of restless now

And it's on account of him.

Well, I saw the man in question,

It was just the other night,

he was eating up a lady

Where the lions and Christians fight.

And there are no letters in the mailbox


(You tell them now)

Ah, there is no comfort

in the covens of the witch,

some very clever doctor went

and sterilized the bitch,

and the only man of energy,

yes the revolution's pride,

he trained a hundred women

just to kill an unborn child.

And there are no letters in the mailbox

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