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VIII. The Cohenpedia - Leonard Cohen von A - Z

(Quelle: Christof Graf`s Bücher über Leonard Cohen - ,,Partisan der Liebe" (1996) und ,,Titan der Worte" (2010)


The Letters (vom Album: Dear Heather)

You never liked to get

The letters that I sent.

But now you've got the gist

Of what my letters meant.

You're reading them again,

The ones you didn't burn.

You press them to your lips,

My pages of concern.

I said there'd been a flood.

Said there's nothing left.

I hoped that you would come.

I gave you my address.

Your story was so long,

The plot was so intense,

It took you years to cross

The lines of self-defense.

The wounded forms appear:

The loss, the full extent;

And simple kindness here,

The solitude of strength.

You walk into my room.

You stand there at my desk,

Begin your letter to

The one who's coming next.

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