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(Quelle: Christof Graf`s Bücher über Leonard Cohen - ,,Partisan der Liebe" (1996) und ,,Titan der Worte" (2010)


The Smokey Life (Recent Songs)

I've never seen your eyes so wide

I've never seen your appetite quite this occupied

Elsewhere is your feast of love

I know ...

where long ago we agreed to keep it light

So lets be married one more night

It's light, light enough

To let it go

It's light enough to let it go

Remember when the scenery started fading

I held you 'til you learned to walk on air

So don't look down the ground is gone,

there's no one waving anyway

The Smoky Life is practiced everywhere

So set your restless heart at ease

Take a lesson from these Autumn leaves

They waste no time waiting for the snow

Don't argue now you'll be late

There is nothing to investigate

It's light enough, light enough ...

Remember when the scenery started fading ...

Come on back if the moment lends

You can look up all my very closest friends

Light, light enough

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